In stripping away any and all adornments and superficiality, the inaugural 2016 Naked Word Festival sought to uncover and rediscover contemporary South Africa poetics in its most raw essence.
Now, the 2017 Naked Word Festival expands its breadth and deepens the conversation through this year’s theme: “I Speak of My Inherit-Age”.
History has denied individuals their access to their ancestral connections because the forms of oppressions that were used displaced most people culturally and historically. In the democratic South Africa, individuals find themselves grappling with complexities of place and time. They are longing for a place to belong. Culture contains a sense of pride within it because it is used to celebrate and honor what that particular group owns. But what happens when some excavate a pile of historical discombobulations which consists of foreign symbols, rituals, songs, idiomatic language and oral storytelling? Do a group of people continue to celebrate what they have knowing that there is a fissure somewhere in the knot of history?
“I Speak of my Inherit-Age” challenges individuals to speak of what they understand and makes them human. Here we are challenged to re-shape the meaning of culture according to our own personal understanding. Here we acknowledge that many stories and histories dissipated during colonization and the new South African dispensation. We know for a fact that many things were imposed to us and now we are yet to re-shape the meaning of culture to fit the context.
I Speak of my Inherit-Age defines culture as generational. Individuals migrate from place to place and therefore most beliefs change because the body must adapt. When it adapts, a certain culture is assumed. Individuals will speak of what they have inherited from age to age but this must be something of personal gratification.
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