Andy Mkosi | CPT

Andiswa ‘Andy’ Mkosi makes music for herself; a black queer woman, simultaneously
delivering a critical view of modern life with a deep exploration of self. Her body of work
collects stories (iPressure 2015), tells of wet dreams and women crushes (Ndine Feelings
2016) and holds contemporary society up to the light to see where the holes are (This Audio
Is Visual 2017). Her musical style sits parallel to hip hop, weaving around the genre’s defining
elements. It has much of hip hop’s typical facets – spoken word, cyclical melody loops,
chorus breaks – but she explores the medium with a unique sense of adventure. Based in
Cape Town, South Africa, Mkosi is not only a fascinating artist but a photographer and
entrepreneur who finds innovative ways to boost her career and those of others. In 2016 she
launched The Bedroom Tour: a series of live music performances, accompanied by a vocalist,
pianist and bass guitarist, in the homes of her fans. On weekends she volunteers at a friend’s
organisation, Vocal Revolutionaries, imparting photography and writing skills to kids in the township.

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