Mthuthuzeli ‘Blaze Da Poet’ Zimba | CPT

Mthuthuzeli ‘Blaze Da Poet’ Zimba is a writer, director, performer and above all a spoken word artist who is passionate about performance art. Originally from Johannesburg but currently living in Cape Town. He has written and co-produced theatre productions under his name and he is now currently completing his final year in theatre Making. He is part of two art collectives: The Tongue Twisters Collective currently based in Cape Town and the Loose Cannons who are based in Johannesburg. He has performed on various stages and poetry houses across the country. He prefers not to mention his previous poetry achievements (slam championships and awards) as he believes that he is as good as his last performance. He has recently been crowned the Word n Sound Cape Town king of the mic for the month of May 2018. With every performance there is an experience to be shared and I am excited to experience the Naked Word Fest 2018.
Quote by Blaze
“People of the sky, the revolution has begun. our galaxy has now turned a warzone, even stars shoot for their own survival”

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