Lee Mokobe | CPT

Lee Mokobe is a black transqueer poet hailing from Cape Town, South Africa. Founder and Creative Director of Vocal Revolutionaries, an arts organization recognized by Adobe & Sundance as a global creative catalyst awardee. His work focuses on human rights, LGBTQIA experiences and African history. He is an international award-winning slam poet with a BNV Championship under his belt. A three time TED and TEDx speaker and 2015 Youngest TED Fellow. Mokobe has performed all over the world included at the Barclay’s Center, The LGBT Center, LA YouTube Space and Vidcon. His work has been featured by The Fader, Al Jazeera, New York Public Library, Philly.com, Ideas.Ted, Soulpancake media, OkayAfrica and Leeway Foundation. He has also performed alongside and for Sunni Patterson, Talib Kweli, Chance The Rapper, Mos Def, Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Sarah Kay and so many more.
His work has graced the stages of the National Museum of African American History and Culture as part of a special LGBTQ+ installation where he was the first transgender person to perform and speak on trans people in Africa. He also trail blazed as the first transgender person to be featured in Converse’s Forever global campaign.

Lee has worked with various non-profit organisations in the United States, especially in youth development. In the teaching artist, adviser and media content creator capacity. He is also well known for teaching workshops over Skype for various youth organisations and schools across the world.

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