Muriel Mokgathi-Mvubu | PTA

Muriel Mokgathi-Mvubu known as MoAfrika ‘a Mokgathi is a South African based multi-faceted artist, who is a performer, Poet, cultural activist, Art-‘preneur, Band leader, award winning radio presenter-Producer and a civic leader amongst many in her talent hat.
MoAfrika is known for her Sepedi pen, her fusion of the language with English, fusing with Jazz, soul and kiba rhythms blending with her deep sassy vocals that keep her followers wanting more.
MoAfrika started her artistic journey in 1999 professionally in 2005. In the 13 years she has headlined an impressive list within the Music and literary spaces.
MoAfrika co-founders art organizations and seats on boards as an executive adding her brick to building a solid industry in South Africa from foundation to professional level which is a rare encounter.
MoAfrika is currently working simultaneously on her poetry and jazz debut album “From Mamelodi to Mali’ and a book “My tongue is a rainbow” both to be released when the rain comes.
The South African literary and music genre is in good hands with seasoned young professionals like MoAfrika ‘a Mokgathi. She is a one artist to eye on.

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