PRO-found | CPT

PRO-Found The Native is a self taught performance artist based in Cape Town, South Africa. His soothing sounds and unique style spoken word poetry are a delight to listen to.

PRO-Found is a composer of both music and poetry and the content is quiet versatile; ranging from heartfelt love pieces to pieces addressing social issues. He has a unique way of blending singing, strumming and speaking, that has a power to touch the lives of many.

PRO-Found though a newbie in the poetry scene has performed and collaborated with some of South Africa’s best. And continues to compose soulful and thought provoking material. His encounters with people greatly influence and builds an amazing intimacy with his audience.

PRO-Found operates as an independent artist/entertainer and his work has many faces. He has also built up quiet a reputation at being an entertaining event MC for the Cape Cultural Collective, Grounding Sessions and Open Book Festival Slam. According to him the work never stops.

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